The Fascist Mentality - Struggle, Triumph, and the Fascist Outdoorsman

Mar 21, 2018

Struggle and triumph are to a man’s spiritual being, what meat and drink are to his own physical constitution. A man thrives on struggle, and he wastes away without it.

Millennia of struggle has weeded out the weakest of our kind. It has kept us strong. It has helped us grow, ensuring only those most capable of live to pass on their lineage. The will to live, and the subsequent struggle to survive, drove our forefathers to achieve great things, to reach new heights; and to push themselves to the limit.

Alas, the very will to live that ignited the hearts and minds of our ancestral fathers no longer burns as bright as it once did. The modern man wallows in his trivial comforts, seeking out an ever increasing sedentary lifestyles devoid of any true struggle, or any overt effort at all for that matter. He chooses comfortable weakness over hard earned strength. He chooses the less rewarding paths in life because it is simpler and less effort, rather than committing himself to an arduous and oft nigh-impossible goal or ideal, and striving to achieve it at all costs. His body remains weak, and his mind remains malleable and ill formed.

The modern man is but a child in an adult’s physical form.

Not all are unworthy to inherit the spiritual mantle of our ancestral fathers, however. Some men are yet still born with a fire in their hearts, yearning for the struggle and conflict that only the harsh mistress of nature can bestow upon them. Of all things in this harsh and unforgiving world we call home, the mountain truly embodies everything a healthy male soul yearns for.

For much of mankind’s history, the indomitable peaks of this world embodied the very physical and metaphysical limits of man himself. If man could overcome the impossible peaks, then he could overcome anything presented to him. For many generations, the tallest peaks of our world remained unconquered. Only technological advances, fuelled by the ingenuity of the Aryan man, enabled the strongest of our people to finally triumph the peaks of this world.

In the pursuit of triumph over the rugged world around him, a man can find a form of spiritual sustenance denied to him by the trivial frivolities of modern society. Once one has tasted the thrill of nature, one cannot return to the teat of modern mass entertainment and elicit the same enjoyment it once provided.

It is for that reason, physically arduous hiking and the pursuit of mountaineering is a much loved and avowed pastime of many of us. It is for the spiritual necessity of struggle we throw ourselves into the arms of nature, demanding that we be put to the test, pushed to our very limits. For it is natures harsh love that forges us anew, and each time renders the metal of our hearts stronger.

Evola speaks of the close relationship between the physical rigors of mountain climbing, and the steps toward self-realisation. Even for those not well versed in esoteric thought, any who have undergone great physical struggle in unforgiving conditions, such as a mountain, will understand the spiritual contributions towards self-realisation that it brings.

Once, in the days prior to a scheduled hike, fate upped the odds. After many months of overwork as a corporate wage-slave, and a poor diet as a result of that, my personal neglect finally caught up with me. I found myself taken by sickness, and for the first time in a long while, I was forced to bed. The day prior, I slept off a burning fever, and at one point believed I would be forced to cancel. I had always been blessed with physical health, so sickness was an affliction that rarely bothered me. However, at this moment, it hit me hard. My fever dreams remain as vivid as the day I had them, even if I still don’t quite understand them.

After almost sixteen hours, the worst of the fever past, although it left me weakened and dehydrated. Against recommendation, I readied myself for the challenge that lay ahead. I threw myself at the trials ahead.

And what a trial it turned out to be. From freezing temperatures, to a poor choice of shelter on my part, and the deprivation of much craved warm meals due to adverse conditions, each and every one of us on that hike surely discovered within themselves a newfound strength and fortitude oft not needed in our common day to day lives.

During those arduous fifty hours, we pack marched from before dawn to well after dusk, pushing ourselves physically and psychologically. We scaled treacherous stone paths in rain and icy hail. We made camp in less than ideal locations, at times waking up with frost covering our clothing. We marched until our legs ached, and until the skin of our feet became blistered and torn.

Of course, we made it back to the comfortable conveniences of civilisation eventually, but the young men who entered that mountain path did not leave it unchanged. Everyone gained something from that experience, and it made them all the stronger because of it.

I for one learned a valuable lesson. In the face of such sheer adversity and struggle, one is faced with two choices. You can always give up, or keep moving, struggling ever onwards towards the goal at hand. In Nature, an animal who cannot keep pace with the pack is left behind, and likewise, the strongest of animals are those who overcome all that would see them dead. For the strong triumph, and the weak find their rightful places beneath the feet of their betters.

The personal struggle I experienced on that hike, both physically and psychologically, continue to resonate with me to this day, and I look back on those moments of discomfort and pain with a fondness and ever constant longing to feel it once more. I will often find myself contemplating such trials in the dark of night.

However, regardless of the personal magnitude of such a trial to me, that hike still pales in comparison to the often brutal and hard lives our ancestors lived, as was merely a brief glimpse into an ancient, and purer, way of life. It still, nonetheless, cultivated the deep realisation of simple truths within me that our forebears clearly understood, yet the common man nowadays often fails to grasp.

Comfort is fleeting, and prolonged comfort is detrimental to a healthy life. A fire cannot burn without oxygen, and likewise true inner strength cannot be cultivated without equal adversity and struggle. In a society so saturated in instant entertainment, endless comfort, and immediate means of sating needs, we are robbed of the need to apply any real effort in our day to day lives, at least when compared to the lives of our ancestors.

Struggle is the catalyst through which all great things are achieved. No truly great figure in human history rightfully attained and maintained his place of stature and influence without great struggle.

It is the will to triumph that drives all true men. The will to struggle, and the will to succeed, is what separates us as Fascists from the average lemming, who whilst content to wallow in his own comfortable mediocrity. We would rather live a short life that is hard and rewarding, where the average man is content to a long time, but not truly live at all.

As National Socialists. As willing adherents of the eternal truth and the iron fisted laws of nature. And as men. We owe it to ourselves to rediscover and contemplate these simple truths denied to us by the world we revile, and to take them to heart and realise them. We must pursue with fanaticism any trial that might make us stronger, faster, smarter and more capable.

It is for this reason we as an organisation continue to advocate the adoption of hiking and mountaineering as an organic constructive pastime for all young men disillusioned by the modern world. Nature is our eternal mother, and only by being within nature can be truly realise our inner-selves. Hiking and mountaineering provides us an avenue to truly put ourselves to the test, and to realise the necessity of these ancient truths.

So what are you waiting for? Get hiking, and Join your Local Nazis!