Antipodean Resistance Women’s Alliance is a union of young National Socialist women and a branch of the Antipodean Resistance. We aim to cultivate traditional values among women and teach them the valuable skills the current system has denied them. We offer the antidote to the poison that has been delivered to our girls and women through the degeneracy of modern society.

ARWA is a women’s movement standing strongly to protect our traditional cultural values and race, engaging in a number of recreational and educational activities to assist the young women of the Alliance in achieving their natural potential. As well as participating in a variety of activities with the men, activities include cooking, gardening, family healthcare, sewing, hiking, fitness and self-defence. We are building a community of strong-minded National Socialists to ensure the survival of our race. We strive to be the peak of womanhood, the height of femininity and the ideal woman. We are the Antipodean Resistance Women’s Alliance.