With chapters now active in every state, you can now join from anywhere in Australia, provided, of course, you are willing to abide by the following standards:

  • Presentation: You don’t initially need to reach our presentation standards, but you are expected to before any demonstration or major activity. You are expected to be clean, healthy, display self-respect, and to follow any dress codes we impose.
  • Mental Fortitude: A strong will is required to be a radical political activist of any type, but especially so for a National Socialist. You are expected to be able to handle the high-stress situations that come with being an activist, as well as being able to take a hit for your beliefs.
  • Fitness: While being fit isn’t a requirement to join, it is a requirement to become fit to be able to attend our demonstrations. If you are overweight it’s in your best interest to work on fixing that before becoming involved with us. We will help all interested individuals achieve our required level of fitness which will not only improve your confidence, health and appearance, but also make you into a better person.

Strict requirements for joining the organisation are:

  • Race: You must be White to join our organisation. No Blacks, Asians, Jews or mixed abominations.
  • No race mixing: You must not be in a relationship with a non-white. Racial treason is not tolerated.
  • Residence: You must be living in Australia.
  • Age: We’re a youth organisation and that means you must be in your teens or twenties.
  • Health: You must be free of any serious physical or mental disabilities. If you have minor physical conditions we will take it into consideration.
  • No drugs: We have a strict no-tolerance policy on drugs. Drugs show a weakness of character, lack of willpower and a self-loathing that no strong man or woman should be victim to.
  • Anonymity: You will be required to take up a pseudonym to ensure anonymity for your own safety. We will train you on how to maintain this, communicate securely and ensure anonymity during activism.
  • No Poofters: We don’t allow homosexuals or other sexual deviants in our organisation.
  • Monogamy: Promiscuity and adultery are not tolerated.

to join, email us at:



  • The name you wish to be known by
  • Your City
  • Your occupation (student / job)
  • Your age
  • Your sex
  • What you can offer the group
  • Why you want to be involved