Melbourne Uni Raid

Dec 28, 2016

Go to the Melbourne CBD, or to Clayton, or Box Hill, or Springvale. Look at the people there. What do you see? What do you notice? Does anyone white look around and think, ‘Man, I wish there were more Indians here’? Indians, Arabs, Chinese—who actually wants more of them here? Perhaps some people think it looks good on paper. Perhaps those looking down from their ivory towers think that a splash of mud-brown would improve the view. Perhaps some of these immigrants’ co-ethnics want company. Perhaps the Jews that constantly push multiculturalism (or support those that do) wish for more immigrants. But what normal, healthy white would go to the Mornington Peninsula, or Bayside, or Lilydale, and think ‘this area needs to be more like Broadmeadows or Dandenong’?

It is imperative to understand: the people make the area. And it is the people that make these areas the way they are. In the 1750’s, Australia was empty save for some peculiar fauna. Within 200 years we became one of the richest, healthiest nations in the world. Yet today, in some areas, you can see the beginnings of cultural regression. These areas resemble less and less the Australia built by forward-thinking white men and more and more the indigenous homelands of certain aforementioned ethnic groups. There is no magic dirt. It is the people that create a society.

This is something we could go into a great deal of detail over, and we will in the future. But for now, let it suffice to say that The Antipodean Resistance is one of the few groups with the brass to give a voice to how most well-adjusted Australians are feeling. We reject the idea that white Australians must be resigned to their fate, hanging their heads low, peeking up only to sling Pauline Hanson an anonymous vote come election time. No. There are other, better ways to express your disgust at the destruction of our society, and we are going to help you do it!

This isn’t just about not liking ‘the colour of a man’s skin’, as we often hear. This has to do with everything from making areas more filthy, to mass criminality, from the mass rape of white children to terrorism, and of course the eventual goal: the destruction of the White Race. And if you think this is crazy-conspiracy talk, you’re blinding yourself. There are many sources supporting the organized population displacement of whites from wherever we live in the world. The powers that be admit to it, some even gloat. There is at least some good news: we’re not going to let this happen. We’re going to stop it. We National Socialists here, as well as our brothers abroad, are going to take our nations back.

Some of the first small steps towards this goal were undertaken on Saturday morning, the 3rd of December. Antipodean Resistance pasted up ~100 posters around Melbourne University. Keep Australia White There’s no need to go into great detail to deconstruct this Daily Mail article. That said, two points jump out right away. First, the article uses a picture of a “white pride world wide” poster totally unaffiliated with The Antipodean Resistance. Second, the journalist stumbles and contradicts himself while trying to mock our disdain for the Lügenpresse.

Regarding the latter: Antipodean Resistance has never and has no plans to ever plaster posters with Celtic crosses and old white nationalist slogans around. We are unapologetically National Socialist, and have no need to hide behind lesser known symbols of our people. Regarding the latter, ‘Mr.Daniel Peters’ dishonestly reports that we put up only 20 posters… immediately after writing (in the same article!) that we put up approximately 200. Beyond the amusement of seeing the reporter caught in his own trap, one must acknowledge this as yet another example of the media’s Semitic urge to lie about even the most basic of facts.

As in interesting aside, according to this article, there were Antipodean Resistance posters put up at the University of Technology Sydney. It’s a bit odd, since there’s no source for it in the article, no other articles corroborate it, and we haven’t been to UTS (yet). Now I’m not saying the faggots made it up to perpetuate a false sense of persecution, but I wouldn’t be surprised. They needn’t worry, since there won’t be a false sense of persecution for queers much longer; it will be quite real.

Some people reading this might think ‘hang on, these guys might be Nazis, but some of their points are quite reasonable. What’s the deal? Why can’t they just drop or reduce the Nazi stuff, people would definitely listen to them then’. That will all be explained in time. Meanwhile, strap in and enjoy. We’re not going anywhere and it’s only going to get better from now on.