February 2017 Action Report

Feb 28, 2017

Welcome to the first of our monthly action reports. It’s been a busy month for Antipodean Resistance in the People’s Republic of Victoria. On the night of the 13th, we put up a few hundred posters at Melbourne Zoo, Carlton Football Club and Melbourne University. The next day, for Valentines Day, we put up about a thousand love heart stickers with a little surprise in the centre. A week afterwards, for White Night, we put up a few hundred more standard sticker designs. And to round it off on the 24th, we went to St Kilda Primary School the day before a Farmer’s Market to put up ~100, then went down the extremely Jewish Balaclava Road and put up another hundred or so.

And after all of that, we set up a twitter and were interviewed by the Daily Stormer. Not too shabby for a month, if we say so ourselves. And it’s not just going to keep up, oh no. Things are going to get much better.

13th of February

On the night of the 13th, Antipodean Resistance decided to go for a walk around the City, spreading the word of National Socialism. To that end, we put up a few hundred posters featuring two new designs (pictured below), as well as the old favourite ‘Stop the Hordes’ around Melbourne Zoo, Carlton Football Club and Melbourne University.

Hitler was such a great guy

Der Ewige Jude

Our exploits during that night were somewhat covered in this article by the Online Hate Prevention Institute (or OHPI).

By the way, we didn’t exactly praise the article; though perhaps we did if you have low standards for praise. What we said was that it was ‘surprisingly’ fair and accurate, as in, we didn’t expect much from a bunch of Jews. Their usual tirade of words like ‘homophobic’, ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’, which are attempted in most cases to bludgeon their opposition into submission does not work on us, as we are indeed all of those things (although we don’t fear faggots, but rather hate them, and we prefer the term ‘National Socialist’ to ‘Nazi’).

We found the OHPI’s distinction of ‘far right’ and ‘alt right’ interesting; it seems to be based on a ‘real world/virtual world’ divide. If that is the case, we certainly are far right, in that we are an active organisation. We don’t plan to write endless articles and blogs like exist in so many other places. It has been done and it will continue to be done. What is lacking in Australia is action, and that is our domain.

The other two points of note from that article are the OHPI imploring the media to SHUT US DOWN, and the ever present shilling for donations.

Valentines Day

The next day, in broad daylight, we put up ~1000 of the below sticker designs all around the CBD.

We did this because we wanted our love for Hitler, one of the greatest expressions of National Socialism personified, to become contrasted with the soulless, materialist, loveless shell of a holiday that Valentines Day has become. National Socialism is about a purer form of love, one based on the spirit, of a love for your people, not a love of how much money your date spent on chocolates or roses.

The media also seemed to have not noticed the outline of Hitler in the centre of the hearts. We had to point it out for them, as shown in this tweet. That was later picked up by this Huffington Post article. A point of amusement on our part was Huffington Post’s blurring of all of our slurs aside from ‘chink’. What, you don’t think your soulless rice goblin readers will complain about that? You’re probably right.

White Night

Another fun night out for the lads at AR. It was White (POWER) Night, and how better to spend it than spread even more joy and love? This time it was in the form of our beloved, holy symbol and another design with a call to some past and present inspirations. Swasticker

Revolution With the streets filled with hundreds of thousands of people, there was never a better opportunity to strike.

Much like the event on Valentines Day, all over the city streets, hundreds of these stickers were distributed. We couldn’t help but notice there was a “Sudanese community patrol” consisting of several older Sudanese men, intended to help control the “youths” that had recently been stampeding events such as the one in Caroline Springs, and who are of course no different from any of us. We however didn’t notice any Chinese, Korean or even Lebanese community patrol. Really makes you think, doesn’t it? Despite that, they still managed to cause a ruckus. How many more ineffective, touchy-feely ‘community initiatives’ will the government try before they realise these niggers simply can’t behave themselves, no matter where they go?

These stickers of course were still up by the next day. Despite big swastikas right in front of everyone’s faces, they were too apathetic to take them all down. With those new stickers and the ones still there from Valentines day, that made well over 1000 Antipodean Resistance stickers all around the city. Looks like the Marxist stronghold of Melbourne finally has an opposition.

24th of February

We decided to round off the month with a brief stint at St Kilda Primary School with ~100 stickers. The Farmers Market (and accompanying ‘trendy’ whites) on the next day was the target, though we haven’t found any internet coverage of this event to corroborate. You’ll have to take our word for it.

After that, we had a walk down Balaclava Road and adjoining side streets and put up another hundred or so. Like the prior location, there was no coverage that we could see of this either, even from the race of eternal victims that we call the Jews. Funny coincidence with the timing of that and the OHPI telling the media to avoid covering us.

We noticed a few things while we were out. One, that Balaclava seemed to be very ethnically homogeneous; unlike most suburbs where not seeing a chink is unusual, we didn’t see any at all. Just Jews. We find it fascinating for a race who can push for so much inclusion for other countries and races, but not themselves of course and can not only push for such a hard line in Israel, but also confine themselves to specific areas in other countries that they’re trying to ruin.

Edit 5/3/17: After this action report was published, A brief account has been published on 3/3/17 about the stickering in Balaclava, proclaiming us as “both militant and unashamedly neo-Nazi”.

Our Twitter

As of right now, we only have one official social media account. That is this address on Twitter.
If we create another one, we’ll publicise it on here; any account not advertised on this website is a fake.

Daily Stormer Coverage

We’ve been covered twice by the Daily Stormer, once for our exploits, and once for our first ever interview. Keep up the great work, folk at the Daily Stormer! That wraps up our first monthly action report. Stay tuned for more on our twitter and of course right here on our website, and if you want to get involved head over to our join page.