March 2017 Action Report

Mar 31, 2017

We had a lot of fun this month, going into the belly of the beast and putting up windmills of friendship for all to see. These areas, namely the leftist ‘strong’holds of the Communist Trades Hall in Carlton, Brunswick, Fitzroy on the 4th, and Collingwood on the 19th, we adorned with swastikas and our name.

4th of March

As we’ve seen mentioned a few times, people are pretty ambivalent about these stickers. Most people don’t care; the only ones that do are either leftist ideologues or they’re paid to care, security guards for example. We saw some stickers still up in the city after days; even in Brunswick the stickers stayed up for quite a bit. We suspect that most of the stickers were taken down by a roving band of antifa going through the city methodically, rather than the result of any sort of people’s revolt (which the leftists continually insist is always right around the corner).

To prove how far this extended, on a busy Saturday night a group of National Socialists walked around putting up stickers with swastikas on them in some of the most red-infested areas in Melbourne. And people said and did nothing, the Lebs and trendy hipsters didn’t seem that interested in enforcing leftist dogma or fighting fascism, they are content to merely pay lip service to the idea when they can gain social brownie points for virtue signalling.

The Unions

Does anyone remember when the unions were pro white? That was a time when the best rights for workers were won over. Now the unions are run by semi open marxists who push the conventional left’s goals first, and then rights of the workers last, just like all modern communist groups. Take for example this facebook post.

So brave

See what they stand for? People of colour, the LGBTI community, and ‘workers rights’ added at the end as a mere afterthought. While many unions throughout history have had a strong marxist influence, they were tempered by a legitimate desire to serve their people, and this included protecting the people they represented from cheap foreign labour (this was more true in Australia than it was anywhere). That’s of course when they aren’t just openly extorting businesses for money as much as they can get away with to line their own pockets.

Good old Luke Hilakari, the nu-male communist poofter, probably spent his night sobbing impotently as he tore down dozens of our stickers from the Trades Hall, put them in the toilet as he thought smugly to himself “this’ll make a good picture”. His heart must have sank as he realised what he had done. Luckily Luke ‘Toilet Fingers’ Hilakari was there to heroically save our stickers:

We fished them out

We should add that the reason we specifically chose that night to sticker the trades hall was because the state funded ‘Campaign Against Racism and Fascism’ (or FAGGOT for short) was given a place to hold a meeting. It was simply a notice to show that we are aware of these things happening.


As part of the now routine hits Melbourne should be expecting, the multicultural suburb of Collingwood was hit. The first major targets being the Collingwood town hall and the multicultural centre, not that there’s much of a difference between them looking at the welcome sign. One reason for this is that the government, regardless of which party is in power, is complicit in this destructive policy. Something that leftists will always insist isn’t true.

We fished them out

We also found an opportune sign declaring the land belongs to the Wurundjeri people. This is utter nonsense as Australia was Terra Nullius when we found it. It was empty land. The British people who colonised this land built it through endless hard toil and turned it from an empty continent to one of the richest jewels on this earth. A nation only for white people. The high standard of living we have experienced in this nation comes from the British inhabitants that made it what it is. The aboriginal people were content to live on the land like nomads from the stone ages. Not us.

Marxist rubbish

Of course, this lovely church supports diversity, meaning bringing in all of the Africans and Asians to our communities, so long as they’re our brothers in Christ. Wouldn’t we all just love to live in a society where 9 in 10 faces are Asian or African? Well that’s what this church, and many others support. Don’t forget that they were one of the major proponents for ending apartheid in South Africa and look at how that turned out for them. In an amusing twist of irony, it’s these trendy suburbs full of “Greens-voting socially liberal” people who campaign against racism that are already experiencing white flight. The middle class are finally having to abandon their suburbs, after shunting off their pet minorities and the ruin they bring to lower class suburbs for decades.

Now, if this all sounds like we’re picking on the conventional left too much and not giving the right as much attention, that will change. We’re no fans of those white hating, money grubbing subversive traitors beholden to Jews any more, and that will be made clearer later on.