April 2017 Action Report

Apr 30, 2017

Big news for the month of April 2017. Not only did we celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday on the 20th with posterings at the two Victoria University campuses in Footscray and Latrobe University in Northern Melbourne, but Antipodean Resistance has expanded and now has a presence in Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Stickers were slapped all over the Brisbane CBD, Hobart CBD, Sydney University and a big mural was sprayed somewhere in southern WA.


Since the 20th of April this year was Hitler’s 128th birthday, we decided it would be great to celebrate it with a morning of activism. LaTrobe University in Northern Melbourne was targeted as it had not yet been hit, and we wanted to allow them to join in the festivities.

420 raise it

50 posters were stuck up all around the main square and entrance so everyone else could join in the festivities. All of them went up without a hitch and we even had a laugh at the marxist trash that was put up in a few places.

Marxist trash

We know for a fact that hundreds of these have been torn down all over Melbourne alone but most of that is not done by orders of university staff or other authorities, but rather activists and regular healthy people sick of the communist filth allowed to spread its tentacles. Yet these deranged freaks will still claim they are fighting against the system while it practically sponsors them. Two designs were made specifically for the occasion and another new one that will be distributed further was put up all over.

Blaze it

Legalise it

This did not go unnoticed. You could hear the “Oy vey!” coming from Peter Wertheim, the executive director for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry from the other side of Melbourne as he howled about and wrung his crooked hands.

“This is hate speech pure and simple, and needs to be tackled head on,” he said. “The perpetrators of this disgraceful racist propaganda should be prosecuted under the Commonwealth Criminal Code for inciting violence on the basis of race, and not for some lesser offence.”

Note his demanding tone and call to prosecute “not for some lesser offence.”. This racial alien thinks he has the right to order around our government and legal system. However, so long as the government is filled with traitors and the goyim tolerate this type of behaviour it will continue. Only by standing up can we put a stop to this.

As stated on twitter, this last design is merely calling to legalise executing jews, much like drug-using morons will call to legalise marijuana. We do not favour executing jews illegally; we are a non-violent organisation. These posters were also stuck up in the two Victoria University campuses in Footscray at the same time, giving them some ideological diversity to match their ethnic diversity.

New South Wales

As part of the 420 campaign the University of Sydney was slapped up with some of our round Antipodean Resistance stickers in the dead of the night. Marxist and degenerate posters were torn down and surfaces were blessed with the holy swastika in its place. One of the most degenerate posters found was one asking straight men if they ever felt a “little gay” and wanted to join a bunch of homosexual predators and ‘experiment’ in their fuckshed. This is the kind of sick perversities the university and people will tolerate being put up, but the moment you call for standards and decency they will screech louder than a fire alarm and whip up a frenzy. These were of course torn down with extreme prejudice.

Naturally, the university was also covered in propaganda featuring non-whites to send the message that they are more welcome than any Australians. Every last one of those was adorned with stickers. A social media outrage ensued. It was your typical reaction, much the same as we have seen in Melbourne; much shock at the idea that such a thing could even happen in the current year, followed by socially expected outrage by lemmings seeking to signal how upset they’re supposed to feel. Leftists have this idea that our ideas are not welcome because the masses actually disagree with us, and don’t just have a conditioned response of disgust. Remember that the masses in Germany once loved the swastika, and they will again, the world over.

The most amusing of the responses on social media was from the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, or SUPRA.


Another communist front group comes out of the woodwork. How many of these organisations exist? We’re making lists; we’ll find out.

The stats brought up are where most of the humour comes from. Yeah, because minorities are known for telling the truth about ‘hate crimes’. What happens is, faggots, jews, and niggers target themselves, blame ‘nahdzees’, the news covers them, and then of course the bolshevik news rarely ever covers the video evidence of the jew spray painting the worst ‘swastika’ you’ve ever seen in your life on his own garage.

hey rabbi, watcha doin?

So what you end up having is a hyper neurotic left thinking they’re constantly under siege because they can’t comprehend the fact that racial aliens and the severely mentally ill not only have no issue with lying but actually get pleasure out of doing so. But hey, even if these hate crimes were all real, we’d be stoked. As we said in our first postering: “let’s get these numbers up!”.


In Tasmania AR went to two locations, Devonport in the north and Hobart in the south. Tasmania has much the same problems as we do on the mainland, though to a reduced extent. That doesn’t stop groups like ‘Tasmania Welcomes Diversity’ trying with all their hearts to increase unemployment for young white people, make property unaffordable for young white people, and bring in rape gangs (also for young white people) just so they can enjoy a late night kebab.

Tasmania Welcomes Death

Ask a Marxist what’s so good about darkies, and say “not counting ‘muh food’ or ‘muh music’”, and you’ll see a stunned look go over their face, like they’re the only things that matter in the world. When you have a purely materialist worldview, it should be no surprise that you believe such hollow things.


For Queensland, the CBD was plastered in swastikas, where they stayed in some areas for days afterwards. We issued a challenge to Brisbane antifa (who we’re still not sure actually exist) to take them down, but it took days, which was pretty low energy. Government workers might even have beaten all 3 champagne socialists in Brisbane to it. Ah well. You might be able to support a branch on your own one day, without support from mummy Melbourne cough cough Rebecca Barrigos, Tim Arnot.

Western Australia

WA had perhaps the most grand display of all, and yet the most hidden from sight. We are very proud of our sandgropers for this mural.

Hitler Mural

The best way to honour the memory of a man of action like Adolf Hitler is through activism, and Antipodean Resistance certainly did that on the morning of the 20th. We will make him proud.

Heil Hitler! Hail Victory!