May 2017 Action Report

May 31, 2017

Before we start with the report, a note. We’ve mostly moved beyond covering relatively minor exploits in any big way, a sticker here or there placed without much deeper meaning. From now on, we’re only going to be covering more major things in action reports.


The highlight of the month for us Victorians was a hike to the Antipodean Resistance secret radicalisation camp.

Health and personal fitness is an important aspect of the National Socialist worldview and lifestyle. This is not something that is unique to our group, but all National Socialists. While the masses of modern men waste their time drinking beer and watching television, we spend our time improving ourselves and refreshing our minds and bodies in the wonderful embrace of nature.

Two men, Two worldviews
Translation: Two men - - two worldviews.

To go out into nature is very important for many reasons. Contrary to the modern view of things, human beings are animals. As animals, we are not above nature, but a living breathing part of it. We not only rely on nature to survive by providing us with food, clean water and fresh air, but we also need it psychologically. Modern man has lost sight of what is important, and is disconnected from his heritage by spending all his time in a concrete cage. To spend time in nature and admire its beauty is an experience that cannot be compared to any other. One immediately feels calm with a clear head upon breathing in the mountain air and enjoying the shade and solitude of the forest, no longer worrying about the burdensome conditions imposed upon them in urban life. It is a shame that in modern society, one must actively plan to go and see any decent amount of nature; it isn’t around you at all times, as it was for our forefathers. The occasional tree, shrub, or bit of grass on a nature strip cannot compare to actual nature. A good hike in rough terrain is also exceptional for building fitness, as well as having a great bit of social interaction with good people, where you are free to say what you are thinking.

For these reasons, some of the lads enjoyed an all-day hike in one of Victoria’s rainforests. As we are all comrades in the struggle, it is good to take some time together and enjoy all sorts of activities, not just political activism. While on the hike, we also took some time to practice some martial training, an important activity for all men to be proficient at, not just activists. If a man cannot defend himself and his family, he is not really a man.

Hike 1

Hike 3

This flag doesn’t just represent our worldview, or our cause. It also represents our transition to more open activism. While we will of course continue to sticker and poster places of interest, we will start moving on to other things soon, of which our hike was just the start.


St Lucia

The following is from our boys in Brisbane:

‘May started off well in Brisbane with various meet ups bringing in new and active people. Everyone here is keen to get involved and the Queensland chapter is finally starting to get on it’s feet. On the night of the 25th, the eve of national sorry day, our activists paid UQ a visit. In a typical hit, Marxist propaganda was removed and the campus with surrounding areas plastered with Antipodean Resistance material. Surprisingly, the amount of actual lefty posters was minimal. The only ones up were posters promoting some fag march next month, and the so called “anti capitalists” selling tickets to the socialist alternative conference. They made for a good bonfire the next morning. Hopefully the few white men left struggling through the Asian hordes of Queensland’s campuses find us and are reading this. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.’

The humorous side of this activism was when some commies took a photo bravely abusing the most (wrongly) maligned symbol in human history, showcasing how ‘brave’ and ‘trendy’ they were.

Banks lol

The fact that it was on a bank made it all the more amusing, and serves as a reminder: Marxists don’t really care about the banks, or capitalism, or anything like that. They’re obsessed with faggots, with trannies, with darkies, and especially so with attempting to hunt down and destroy the lives of anyone deemed ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’, and especially ‘RACIST’. We’re not quite sure why they think that Australian nationalists, who, by and large, have sat in pubs for the last 30 years are more of a threat and worthy of so much of their time and effort when Capitalism dominates the world and supposedly does all the awful things they say it does (note: capitalism does do a lot of awful things, like destroy cultures in favour of one ‘consumer culture’ designed to sell things to a formless group of deracinated idiots, but communists usually hate it for entirely the wrong reasons).

Or maybe it’s because most communists just want to be the bullies that they wanted to be in high school, and don’t care who they do it to. Either way, we found it funny. When we turn the tables, they won’t find it quite so funny.