July 2017 Action Report

Jul 30, 2017

This month has been busy for Antipodean Resistance. We didn’t just make several major national and international news websites, including the ABC, the Daily Mail and the New York Times, we’ve also been doing a lot of behind the scenes activity, as well as preparing for a lot more action next month. Due to the sheer enormity of the prank we pulled on the Chinese/universities, we’ll be spending a lot of time going through that.


Cheltenham postering

The first action of the month was a relatively minor postering, we’ve been experimenting with different activities and taking note of how effective they are. We put up ~40 posters around the Southland shops to protest against the soulless capitalist system which has ensnared our people, and wishes to enslave all people around the world. We’ll be doing more and bigger protests against capitalism as time goes on.



Hike 1

Some of the lads went hiking again this month in the Dandenongs. This variation in activity is important; postering, stickering and other stunts are effectively advertisements for our worldview, and not the be all and end all. Self-improvement through physical activities such as hiking is an integral part of the worldview.

That isn’t to say that our other activities aren’t as important; our goal is to save our people from the ills of modernity, and one cannot expect to just do one thing or the other (for example, hiking); they are all connected, they must all be done to be faithful to our worldview.

Hike 2

Chinese prank


This prank of ours really blew up. We got far more coverage than anything we’ve ever gotten before; if you include the Chinese media, it’s probably more coverage than we’ve gotten from all of our previous activism put together. This was essentially a low effort prank; it was just a handful of guys, some tape, ~100 very simple posters, and a clever plan, and boy did we ruffle some feathers.

We had a few goals with this prank: First, to draw attention to the massive amount of Chinese (and by extension, other races) at our universities. In addition, to show how commonplace Mandarin, even posters written entirely in Mandarin are these days, the extent to which is shown when people didn’t give our posters a second glance until quite a bit after we had left the universities.

Feels just like home

Second, to draw attention to how our universities are directly responsible for bringing over hundreds of thousands of foreign ‘students’ every year, many of whom have a direct route to a ‘citizenship’ at the end of their course. This is done so the universities can have money in their pockets, and the result of it is less jobs for Australian university graduates.

Foreign Students

Third was drawing attention to the massive amount of influence the Chinese have in our country, directly as well as indirectly. Nobody is adequately addressing this problem, because nobody has any real solutions to it. That’s because everyone knows the only way to stop it is to remove the Chinese, which the left doesn’t want (muh racism), the conservatives don’t want (muh food) and the establishment (muh bribes)— which is letting them use our country in the same way the Chinese complain whites used their country in the 1800’s—certainly doesn’t want it either.

Chinese foreign ministry

The fourth reason was essentially for fun. It solidifies Australia’s reputation as the world’s #1 shitposters, not just on the internet but also in real life. We certainly had a lot of fun doing it, as well as seeing all the hive minded bug people scurry around pretending to be morally outraged by it (fun fact: aside from a tiny minority, there needs to be at least 5 chinks in a group before they approach the capacity for anything resembling emotions).


The Poster:

Attention! No Chinese are allowed within this area. If intrusion occurs, deportation will likely happen.
Translation: Attention! No Chinese are allowed within this area. If intrusion occurs, deportation will likely happen..

The plan was this: to go to two of the most pozzed, most Chinese infested universities in Melbourne (a tall order for this city), and put up posters entirely in Mandarin, so that only the Chinese could read it and thus be offended by it. The difference here (as opposed to our regular activism) is that the people that give us the most amount of trouble are leftist whites and Jews; Asians in particular are extremely timid and weak by nature, and thus don’t have the balls to say anything (unless they’re online or in some kind of ‘official’ capacity), therefore targeting them would enable us to put posters around the universities during broad daylight without getting so much as a second look.

We knew that the Chinese are bug people, most of them fresh off the proverbial boat, and thus they’re gullible. They also, along with every other race on earth, know exactly how much leverage they can get over pathetic leftist whites if they simply cry ‘racist’, and so they take advantage of that whenever they can. Of course, if we actually lived in a racist society (as we did, once upon a time), nobody would care, or they’d just find it funny (much like we do in Antipodean Resistance). So the end result is that a bunch of chinks would take it on face value and use it to push their ‘all Australians are racist’ angle, which works for every ethnic group in this country.

We knew that the Chinese have a massive social media which is entirely separate from the broader Australian media, and we knew that this would annoy the hive mind consciousness of the Chinese. Of course, we’re not trying to recruit the Chinese, so the plan didn’t stop there. We knew the English speaking media would be forced to report on it once it had made the rounds on the Chinese media, perhaps even reaching the mainland Chinese media.

We knew that the universities would be forced to denounce the posters so as to minimise the harm that this bad publicity has given them, and we knew that the more official student groups we put on the posters, the more official the posters would look and the more groups would be forced to denounce the posters, therefore raising our profile further.


We knew that various leftist groups would make a big deal out of the event, using it as an excuse for them (who are largely mentally ill young white women) to pathetically social signal about how proud they are to back the status quo.



We knew that some people might not believe that we had done it, so we made sure to put our website on the back of every poster (so they wouldn’t know it was us until they were taken down), as well as taking pictures of the posters laid out beforehand and ourselves putting them up.

Web Address

Now for the proof of how successful it was. We made The Daily Mail, The Herald Sun, The Australian, The ABC, Triple M, SBS, News.com, Nine News, The New York Times, The People’s Daily (the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party) and the Daily Stormer. We reached an innumerable number of Chinese language websites. The Chinese Foreign ministry even held a press conference “regarding the issue”. This isn’t all of the coverage we got either; at some stage we just stopped checking. This proves that well thought out, well timed, well targeted stunts can have a massive effect.

All in all, the prank was immensely successful. You were all played like a fiddle.

Played like a fiddle

This really got to the universities. They make an obscene amount of money from these international students and any dip in their numbers hurts them. These universities are first and foremost profitable businesses, everything else is secondary. In many cases, cool, hip and trendy open days, queer safe spaces, and multicultural events have put education at the back of their concerns; go to any orientation day at a university these days. Not to mention how politicised many university courses themselves have become. Education, Social ‘Sciences’, Humanities, Arts, all of these fields are thoroughly compromised by cultural marxism, in which ideas that were considered to be ridiculous even 20 years ago (like tranny rights) are now a part of the apparent mainstream. Universities aren’t just behind all of this, they push it as hard as any other group, and as such we find them just as traitorous as our government and media.



This month, us Queenslanders have become more active. Our focus has been building mateship and camaraderie, mostly due to the fast growth of our chapter. These are important qualities that bind us together and encourage us in our struggle. Along with the activism we’ve been doing, we seek to build a community of National Socialists, who can rely on each other no matter what happens in the future.

July started off strong, with initiating the new lads and holding a casual meet up. Our numbers have been growing steadily as of recently, and we have high hopes for the upcoming month in terms of recruitment. Many young men have been joining our ranks, as they see we are at the forefront of the Australian National Socialist movement.

As well as the social gatherings, we also did some activism as this is the primary purpose of our group. Some of the places we visited this month were the universities around Southbank. Sadly we didn’t get the media coverage of the Melbourne chapter, but this just means we’ll be stepping up our game in the future. Although we at least got a sticker up on the Brisbane Synagogue :^).


To finish the month was the first ever Antipodean Resistance camp, with a hike up Mount Beerburrum, followed by an overnight camp in the surrounding forests. These camping trips will become somewhat of a regular occurrence in the future. After the hike and views over the Glass House Mountains, we found a camping spot and set up. We had a quick bite to eat then got into some training. Both fitness and camaraderie are lacking in modern men, so this was an opportunity to refine some of the skills that are rarely taught in large cities. We then made a campfire, as always using captured enemy propaganda to start it, and sat around it for the night.


Right now the Queensland chapter has never been more keen to do some activism and August is starting to shape up to be a good month for us.