August 2017 Action Report

Aug 31, 2017

We’ve been up to a lot this month. With a new mural up in New South Wales, four major posterings across three states and two camping trips, we are ramping up in action and are breaking ground in new areas. We’re on the up and up, establishing ourselves as Australia’s premiere National Socialist organisation.


High Schools

Melbourne Grammar

One seldom mentioned issue in Australia is that our high schools are becoming overrun with non-whites. Even in the inner city suburbs, which used to be largely inaccessible to non-whites due to housing prices, you have white flight with parents wanting to send their kids to whiter schools. Of course, they cannot admit that, as it contradicts all of the virtue signalling they do in order to keep up appearances. When push comes to shove, leftists really are just as racist as we are. It is natural for people to want to raise their children in a healthy, homogeneous society; now if only these trendy leftists would stop palming off the brown hordes and associated problems off to those that can’t afford to send their kids to better schools.

 Help Fight Extinction

With that issue in mind, approximately 60 posters were plastered up in some of the flashiest high schools in Melbourne, including Melbourne Grammar and Melbourne High School. It didn’t take long for the media picking it up, calling it hateful, vicious and shocking, but what they don’t realise is that many of these young school kids are very receptive to the messages we push. Many of these children would still like to Stop The Hordes, just as much as we do.

It’s especially amusing to us when these journalists or officials say that it is worrying how we are targeting children with propaganda, despite the overwhelming politicisation of our schools pushing multiculturalism, homosexual and transsexual acceptance, among other things, which are all supposedly apolitical to them. It’s just ‘human rights’ or some other nonsense. Everything is political.

We will keep postering up high schools around the country, doing our part to counteract the Marxist/Liberal indoctrination of our youth.

Radicalisation Camp

 Picture of camp

This month we held a three day Antipodean Resistance Radicalisation Camp™ in the Grampians National Park, and we even left some nice little presents for everyone else to find.


The trip was a good way for activists to gain a better respect for nature, which can only be achieved by going out there only with what’s on your back, and being without modern conveniences that are taken for granted. Going through adversity with only minimal equipment makes you a more resilient person. You feel utterly insignificant compared to the awe inspiring power of nature, which can hardly be felt under urban living. The views alone were fantastic, and our pictures and videos did not do them justice.


Camping also serves as a basic introduction into the concept of Natural Law, which we bring up occasionally. You don’t stay dry because you want to. You don’t get hot food because you want it. You get these things by working for them. If you want to have a fire, you need something as fuel, something to light it, and to make sure that it doesn’t go out. One can’t expect it to happen just because they want it to. We live in a heavily abstracted world where people can say all sorts of ridiculous things and not get called up on it, because people are so separated from that natural order that they don’t immediately see when it has been transgressed upon. For example, living in huge cities has made us extremely atomised as people, which among other things has left us depressed, deracinated and otherwise without hope as a people. Going back to nature gives us a glimpse towards how our ancestors lived, who were healthier than we are today.

While we were out there, we filmed some footage of it and made our first video, which can be seen here:

CBD Postering

With the new plebiscite vote coming up and all the discussion surrounding it, we decided to spread some facts surrounding the issue of homosexuality. Facts that most people simply do not know, either because it is not presented to them on TV, or they do not want to know as it’s uncomfortable and shatters their flimsy, feel-good worldview.

 Fags Are Pedos

This poster was stuck up all around Melbourne CBD, including Swanston street outside of RMIT and the headquarters of the Labor party in Melbourne, who are one of the biggest promoters of the homosexual agenda. This really got under the skin of many faggots in Melbourne, who raised a big stink about it online. They proclaimed the facts to be false despite the evidence provided in our twitter post which has many other interesting facts as well, such as the staggering promiscuity, rates of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness among homosexual ‘couples’. Fortunately, they also have a much higher rate of suicide compared to normal people.

 Labor HQ

Something to note was the media’s response to some anti-fag posters supposedly found in the CBD a few days earlier that were originally made up by our comrades at IronMarch. One single picture of the poster was put up on social media and before long it was spreading like wildfire. Despite that picture however, no one was able to find any evidence of it having existed – not even the person who uploaded the photo and spread it to begin with.

Despite the lack of evidence, Channel 10 news decided to run the story of it and due to the lack of footage they could show, they just doctored the evidence and photoshopped a massive image of it on top of a stock photo of a bus shelter. Talk about Lügenpresse! This hilarious attempt was made even better by how sloppy it was – they just fit the image over the entire side of a bus shelter as if it were paid advertising. This time they got caught out on their pathetic attempt at journalism, but how many times do you think they have done this in the past, and have gotten away with it? The fact is that the controlled media lies and otherwise distorts the truth all the time, and nobody has been calling them out on it. There is very little real accountability in the current system for a lying journalist.


University Postering


Throughout this month, we saw a decent amount of activity. Our goal has been to break away from activism solely on university campuses, which we have begun this month and will focus on next month as well. That being said, early in the month we hit QUT and outside parliament house. This was a good opportunity for some of our new recruits get involved for the first time. Later on we hit Griffith University on the Gold Coast. As of recently, our chapter has seen members joining up not only within Brisbane, but also in many surrounding areas. This works well in regards to the plans we have for next month, which will prove to be even more active.

Radicalisation Camp


To finish the month off, a few of the guys went hiking and camped for the night around Mount Tamborine, and managed to get some stunning views. Unfortunately the Melbourne lads beat us to making a video, but we’ll finish ours soon enough.

New South Wales

 New Mural

Here in New South Wales we begun this months action with a new mural. This type of activity is not only a great opportunity to spend time with mates, but also to create a piece of visually appealing propaganda in the form of graffiti. The use of the spray can as a medium allows us to espouse our message of uncompromising National Socialism to the world and inspire others who share our beliefs (who may be sitting dormant) to spring into action and do something themselves.


The Macquarie University was also hit with a postering. Like many other universities in Australia, Macquarie University is filled with pozzed up lefties and covered in Marxist posters. It even has a café called ‘Marxines’ after the Jew Karl Marx himself. As time goes on there will be more and more of these centres of AIDS in New South Wales being plastered up with these posters. Make sure to keep your eyes out.