September 2017 Action Report

Sep 30, 2017

Antipodean Resistance is going from strength to strength, and expanding our chapters nation wide. There were some particularly slimy journalists and politicians equating our wholesome fun to Jihadi terrorism. It’s no wonder this country is falling apart when the system spends its time denouncing a bunch of young lads for going out camping. Never mind the fact that AR has never committed any violent acts, and they cannot even point to a single ‘white supremacist’ terrorist attack in this country. All reasonable people reading through their nonsense should be able to see the ham fisted attempt at equating any form of legitimate nationalism as terrorism.

This is to cover up for the fact that Western governments around the world are attempting to obfuscate their disastrous policies in almost every front, because they can’t admit that they may have made a mistake. These problems that we as a society face won’t go away with MORE liberalism, MORE state oppression, or MORE non-whites. Our society will only start to become healthy again with a strong dose of FASCISM, and nothing else.

True Blue Nazis


CBD Postering

Last month, we went postering in the Melbourne CBD, which was more of a general affair rather than specifically targeting anything (aside from the Labor office, of course). We went through the streets of the CBD again at the start of this month, this time specifically targeting various institutions that push for faggotry, including St. Michael’s Church and returning to the Melbourne Labor office.

Labor Office

St. Michael’s church is an interesting one. Antipodean Resistance is a secular group; we do not have any official religious leanings at all. However, it must be said that the Reverend of that church, Ric Holland, appears to be an atheist (at least judging by the sign below as well as his complete lack of any religious convictions).

St Michaels

He wants to be the first to ‘marry’ faggots in his church. Not quite sure on what the founders of his church and most Christians throughout history would say about that. Wait, actually, most would probably excommunicate or even kill him for it. But we’re sure that he represents the REAL Christianity. It won’t bring white people back to his churches though; at this rate the future of the church is looking extremely Asian, judging by any given city church service.



As is becoming habitual, several AR lads went for a casual hike in some mountains, enjoying the scenery and the physical challenge that it can bring.



September has been a long, busy, and productive month in Queensland. It started off with a social meeting to discuss general plans for the future, which were all carried out throughout the month with much success. Before the month really started though, we were mildly surprised and amused to find an article written about our July Radicalisation Camp™ in the Sunshine Coast Daily. While the article didn’t contain any info we haven’t published on our site and was fairly short, the story spread until it even got printed in the Courier Mail (below). Thanks Rachel ;)



The first real action we did for the month was a postering on Bond and Griffith campuses where we managed to put up plenty of posters. Later on in the month, we also put up posters across the city, West End, and New Farm.


The highlight for the month for our activists though was releasing our first promo video, which contains footage from the “radicalisation camp”, our street activism in Brisbane, and a fag parade a couple of our activists had the misfortune of stumbling upon.

The month ended well with some of our further out west Queensland activists postering up a few of the college campuses in Toowoomba. On top of that, the active month brought in a considerable amount of recruits. Due to the large number of new recruits, October should be an eventful month. As of now, we are proud of our lads across the state, with activists reaching from Townsville to the Gold Coast.

New South Wales


New South Wales decided to diversify its activities this month with a bit of exploration, into a deep dark drain. This sort of exploration is not only fun, but also a great opportunity to leave a mural behind, and adds another one to the collection.




This month has been an outstanding one for the Tasmanian Antipodean Resistance branch. Even with many further plans already in the works, Hobart’s first taste of our groups unique and eye catching artform has been met with an enormous amount of coverage both from mainstream media and on social networks. This includes being ‘denounced’ by the ‘no’ camp supporting liberal party traitor Eric Abetz, and the diversity hire Sarah Bolt, who should be at home raising her grandchildren, not making up invisible crimes so she can feel LIBERATED still working at her advanced age.

Southern Cross News decided to give us screen time as well, which is a first. They tried to censor our name, but it’s very easy to find out who they are talking about by typing ‘Nazi Tasmania’ (and many other locations) into google. As per usual, the media narrative is predictable at best. They trot out the usual lines about 18C and the supposed ‘illegal’ nature of such discriminatory beliefs. Laws like the anti discrimination act are the false laws of a corrupt society, intended to suppress the natural human instinct to draw distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’, to quash the natural expression of revulsion towards the sodomite (among other groups).

As expected, of course, they wheeled out yet another pet degenerate to give commentary on how socially harmful our actions are, regardless of the rampant social harm their own hyper-individualist lifestyles have caused. If we’ve made a faggot uncomfortable, then that’s a success for us. All in all, it’s been a good month. More is yet to come, however, so stay tuned.