October 2017 Action Report

Oct 31, 2017

This month was somewhat different to previous months, with more of a focus on self improvement, as well as vetting new people from across the country, given the massive amount of interest we received from our activities last month. Accordingly, this report will be a bit more sparse compared to some others.



Our main activity in Victoria this month was a camp in the south Gippsland region, which went on for 3 days. It was great to see the lads, the most Antipodean Resistance activists in one place at the same time so far. Our first stop was a hike up Mount Oberon in Wilson’s Promontory. We had some great views from the top, though it was often obscured by heavy fog, and therefore didn’t get as many pictures as we’d have liked.


After that, we retired to our campsite where as a part of our custom we brought out enemy propaganda that we had captured over the previous month, and burned it. While discrimination claims doesn’t appear to be a solely faggot orientated project, as it has thrown its lot in with them, they are to be considered just as much of an enemy as the rest.

captured fag banner
for the uninitiated, holding banners and flags upside down traditionally means that you have captured it

Discrimination is not bad. Everyone does it, everyone is very happy to do it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you wouldn’t prevent a pedophile from working with children (if you do, please kill yourself as soon as possible). That’s discrimination. National Socialists discriminate against those who push poison and filth upon our people (for example, drug use, race mixing, and homosexuality), and any normal, healthy minded person would discriminate too.

Burning enemy propaganda symbolises that not all of the Australian Youth is going headlong into oblivion along with the rest of society; we stand in strong opposition to all of the irresponsible lies pushed upon us by our liberal elites. The diseased world that our parents and grandparents have created will not end with us.

After that, we went to a beach and practised some light sparring. This was done for the purpose of training and general fitness, as well as our own enjoyment. It’s important for White men to learn how to defend themselves and their families, and this is one step in that direction. Another step is creating a true community, of which the modern world lacks; the camaraderie gained from such actions is another means to that end.

After those activities (including a game of tug of war), we enjoyed some time relaxing.



It was also a somewhat relaxed month for Queensland this time, mostly because of our focus on self-improvement within the chapter. To begin the month we held a hike and overnight camp in the Gold Coast area, followed by more hiking in the area. About halfway through the month we held a social event for some of the new recruits, meeting their Local Nazis™ and getting them into action. These events help to build our community spirit and give a space for National Socialists to talk openly about their beliefs.

the lads

However, after a somewhat chilled out month, our activists are keen to get back at it, and we’ve already made plans for the future.

New South Wales

New South Wales made it a point this month to capture enemy propaganda and to get out and participate in a few stickerings around Sydney.

The first was carried out through Hyde park (and surrounding areas) maintaining our presence in the streets. This was carried out only hours before a planned traitorous ‘refugee’ march had taken place.


Next there was a stickering of Centennial park, Federation Place and others, we made sure to sticker some of the routes to and from Allianz stadium, forcing the braindead lemmings to become aware that there is in fact an alternative to the cultural marxist circus the football has become. With the rampant politicisation going on (faggotry, ‘refugees’, feminism etc.), the sportsball is no longer just about bread and circuses, not just about being lazy and watching other men play sports, while you sit chomping down junk food and guzzling beers, arguing over which team of degenerates are going to take home the opulent trophy this time around. It’s about making sure that this ‘cultural spectacle’, one of the very few markedly White Australian things left in this country, be as degenerate (inside and out) as possible. Degenerate, brain dead, and overwhelmingly white; no wonder leftists seem to like the football so much.

After that, we found a nice secluded spot and pulled out our trophies (including a fag flag) for a nice soak in kerosene before they were given a cleansing by fire.



To help us all to get into the spirit of Halloween we also made a little something.