November 2017 Action Report

Nov 30, 2017

For November, we have highlights of activism from 4 states. Our fans over at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry have compiled a report (which they do annually) on ‘anti-semitism’ in Australia. Worth noting here is that we take up a large portion of this report, and accordingly, anti Jew incidents are up almost 10%! Antipodean Resistance is largely responsible for this increase, though of course this report compiles literally any complaint they get, so long as they can say it is anti-semitic. Many of the ‘incidences’ are random Facebook comments, or anti-Jewish terrorist attacks in supermarkets.


Keep this report in mind next time you think of listening to Jews about how mistreated or persecuted they are. These kikes have such a massive persecution complex that they will go over every single last little thing and make a huge deal out of it, to the extent where they will call the most nauseating leftist piece of filth (as seen in the image below) anti-semitic because he wakes up every morning and kisses the feet of Palestinians, and not of Jews.

Gosford Church
As you can see, this church is run by a real piece of filth.

Jews have the resources to compile these lists, and within moments of being published, manage to get journalists to report on them extremely favourably in several major news outlets. A powerless, persecuted minority, for sure.

In addition, we have some worrying rhetoric from the ECAJ:

ECAJ urged: “For a diverse society such as Australia’s to be socially cohesive, it is imperative that those in positions of influence within Australia publicly condemn anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, and support legal and other measures to counter all forms of racism, especially those which involve violence or advocacy of violence.”

By ‘other measures’, could they be meaning violence, or even terrorism? We at AR believe that the ECAJ should be banned as a terrorist organisation before they kill someone, because as Anne Aly has told her comrades at the ABC, ‘ it only takes one person ’, right? Just to be safe.

We have also set up a donations channel, so if you can’t join us, you can still support us. While we will continue to be at the forefront of National Socialist activism regardless of how much money we receive, the more we receive, the more we can do as an organisation.


Some of the Victorian lads in Ballarat went for a walk around the central Ballarat area, putting up posters and stickers where they went, as seen in the embedded video. Unfortunately it has been flagged so it can only be viewed on youtube itself. The event was also reported on by a local paper.

It’s funny how at the first sight of ‘anti-semitic’ actions, journalists scurry over themselves to contact a mere ‘civil rights group’ (a downright laughable term some media use to describe the ADC) and plaster their copy pasted kvetching about how nasty those anti-semites are all over the article. And as for that cuck mayor, she’s just another establishment politician who is only too happy to condemn a youth activist group because a man with a big nose and a funny hat asked her to.


surfers sign

November has been an active month for Queensland in terms of both activism and recruitment. Early in the month there were various social events held around Brisbane where our activists handed out flyers to potential new recruits. This strategy worked fairly well with many new people joining up mid to late in the month. Currently we have a steady flow of new recruits coming in mostly from the South East Queensland region, but also in other more rural areas too.

Also early on, one group of activists put up posters around West End in Brisbane, while another did so in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. These hits went off well.


Later on we held a weekend of physical activity, with two hikes for the Gold Coast and Brisbane activists. The Brisbane lads went on a fairly easy but scenic walk through some of the tracks on Mount Glorious, whereas the lads on the Gold Coast went up Mount Warning. Physical exercise is encouraged in our organisation, and we can already see improvement in our activists with these hikes as well as regular exercise.


New South Wales

Ginger Meggs

The boys in NSW had a successful month, including a revisit to University of Sydney. Long time fans of AR will note that USyd was the first university that NSW struck. It caused such an uproar that we decided on coming back and delivering seconds, this time gracing the campus with our lovingly crafted posters.

Hyde park was also revisited and given a do-over with many stickers. We even found some old ones lying around. Is Sydney Antifa even trying? For all the talk of leftist dominance of the cities, it seems like the left is too incompetent to take down a handful of stickers!

Finishing it off was a postering of Ginger Meggs park and the surrounding Hornsby area: Including the local Westfield walls and Hornsby Girls School. Westfield is a strong proponent of consumerism which we strongly oppose. Our posters ought to strike some shock into the sleeping, shopping masses. Buy, consume, sleep, repeat.




Our Tasmanian chapter visited St David’s Park and Odeon Theatre near the Hobart CBD, as well as surrounding areas, and put up some propaganda:



Rosalie Woodruff, in her participation within the Greens party, supports the flooding of our nation with subhuman filth from the furthest flung hellholes of the third world. Just like any other politician, she’d undoubtedly never shed a real tear for the women who have been raped, or will be raped in the coming future, by the Sudanese gangs shipped in under policies supported by her party. Perhaps if her own daughters were to meet such a brutal fate at the hands of an uncaring African, then she might know a taste of how others have suffered as a result of state enforced multiculturalism.