December 2017 Action Report

Dec 30, 2017

This past year has been a successful start to Antipodean Resistance, as it’s practically the first year of our existence, having started out at the end on 2016. We’ve gone from our beginning with just the founders in Victoria to having an equally large chapter in Queensland, and growing chapters in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.



To start off the month the Victorian lads got out with new Christmas posters, spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer wherever they went. The Melbourne CBD was hit during the day and then Ringwood later in the evening. Box hill also got a taste of the posters and more. Perhaps surprising to some is that the overwhelmingly Chinese suburb of Box Hill had the posters still standing untouched days after they had been put up, unlike what usually happens in Melbourne with all the white lefties heading out in a triggered frenzy. Given their outrage earlier this year it would appear as if chinks simply can’t read English well enough in the area to have much of a reaction to the posters.

Box Hill Christmas

In light of the SUV of peace ramming through pedestrians in Melbourne we created a new design, intended to give a brief glimpse into our position on the matter. This design is now visible to anyone walking through the CBD streets. It’s very clear by the facts alone that this was a terrorist attack on Australians. Let’s have a look at some of the facts.

Poster Design

The individual who was responsible for the act, Saeed Noori, was an Islamic Afghani refugee. That almost says it all, but after his arrest he had been muttering about mistreated muslims in this country. Yes, so mistreated that we let them in to our country as refugees, give them welfare and a new start to life and as thanks they run us down in our streets using the money we’ve given them. Very mistreated. Those poor people.

The weapon of choice for the attack was one that is becoming increasingly popularised as it’s easy to obtain it without any suspicion. The weapon of course being a car, SUV or if they’re lucky a truck, as we’ve seen in Europe. How long before the government takes ineffective measures even further and starts to legislate some vehicle control laws?

The attack also took place shortly before Christmas, which is always a prime time for Islamists to commit terrorist attacks. We even had a terror attack planned for us during christmas last year.

Having seen this stack of major coincidences piled up, the police, government, and media would come out and say that it’s definitely not terrorism, but rather mental illness to blame. No clear-minded person would even believe that for a second. It was a deliberate attack by an Islamist on Australia and not the act of an individual that’s simply mentally ill with no other motives or intention.

Of course, it is the fault of the Australian government for allowing the filth to flood on in, so they deserve the blame for every single attack that happens under their watch. Not just one particular party either, but all of them. There is not a single political party that wants to deport every single non-white from this country, which would be one of the most effective measures to prevent terror attacks as well as crime and other problems in our society.

Let's let in terrorists

This poster was put up all throughout Flinders Street and the CBD, including the intersection where the attack happened with posters only meters away from the exact spot. With a hundred of the posters distributed in the city and on the public transport network, they were still spread around days after the attack. Seems like there aren’t a lot of people that disagree with the sentiment that our government is hopelessly incompetent and worthless, or even worse, deliberately leading us down into worse and worse times. In time everyone will come to understand that National Socialism is the only answer to not only fixing the situation we’re in, but leading it into a brighter future, greater than we’ve ever seen before.

Posters on tram

Beyond the attack, further stickerings were also carried out in several suburbs such as Balwyn, Coburg, Seaford, and Heidelberg. With the new year coming up, we’re all gearing up to do new activities and further expand. Keep up with our updates on Gab to see bigger and better types of activism soon.

New sticker design

New South Wales


We kicked off December with a new mural. Graffiti is just another tool in our propaganda machine and an alternative means to posters and stickers. Takeaway the message of our mural this; National Socialism is the only genuine revolt against the rotten modern system and revolution the only way forward for us in this nation. For us National Socialists, we must spread a little bit of revolution wherever we go by conventional and unconventional means.

A few nights before Christmas we blessed the streets of Sydney with our Christmas joy and fascist spirit, putting up 100 of our White Christmas posters around Sydney City and Chatswood, locations of note were University of Technology Sydney, NSW TAFE, as well as several parks including Central Park.

Christmas at Central

To finish off a successful month and year for us we made a visit to Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, plastering the Uni with our posters.

Hitler at CSU



It’s been a fruitful month for Queensland, continuing the success of November, despite being a bit slower than usual. Our big action for the month was postering up around Kelvin Grove and Red Hill getting over a hundred posters and stickers up over the night. Outside of Brisbane we have seen considerable recruitment in other towns, notable Sunshine Coast with our lads there doing their first activism. We have had considerable success in other towns as well with new nests popping up all over Queensland, which will be posted shortly. Over the month we have also begun weekly exercise with a regular training session.

Kelvin Grove

Looking back over 2017, we have come quite far in less than a year. We have a strong following in Brisbane, with decent size nests in many other towns. This growth has allowed us to frequently put up our propaganda in many places across the state. At this point, at least once a week our activists are putting up stickers or posters around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. On top of direct activism through spreading propaganda, there has been a noticeable improvement in the general fitness of recruits from when they join to now. We require a basic level of fitness for joining Antipodean Resistance, however we always push our members to improve.

As for 2018, we already have made solid plans and paths to achieving them. If all goes smoothly, we should have a year as fruitful as 2017, if not more so. Right now is the best time to join our organisation as we have much planned that you can take part in. From Queensland, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

South Australia

Stickers in SA

The South Australian chapter garnered fresh recruits recently and sprung into more action this month, scattering over 250 stickers throughout the North Western suburbs of Adelaide in two stickerings. On the 21st of December AR activists hit the streets during the day, leaving stickers in places such as bus stops and a local pub. On the night of the 22nd activists stickered a main road and a local shopping centre. Antifa stickers that were spotted in the area were also removed.

Removed antifa sticker