January 2018 Action Report

Jan 30, 2018

Antipodean Resistance has had a very active new year, with a new mural in New South Wales to celebrate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, stickers being put all around the Perth CBD and Northbridge, and various stickerings, posterings, and other activities in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. We’ve also been experiencing a new wave of growth in regional areas throughout the country.


Banner Drop

With the start of a new year the Victorian chapter of AR got up to some new activities, participating in our first banner drop over the Eastern Freeway early in the month. The banner reads “White revolution is the only solution”. The message is simple enough. Our current government and system is beyond reform. It is totally rotten all the way to the core from the multicultural policies, institution of debt slavery, its total exploitation of the Australian environment and people and more. The leaders and system lackeys have nothing but apathy or absolute hatred for the white people in this nation, and only through revolution can the white people of Australia create a system that will fight for their interests.

This is a new form of activism that we’ll be participating in more as time goes on, as it is an effective way to get your message out to thousands of people in real life, not just on the internet. It’s also an interesting way to gauge public reaction to the message you push. It would surprise most to see the amount of support that was given by average people driving past, giving the thumbs up. There are many, many white Australians out there that are sick of the way our nation has been going for decades and want an all white country but do not speak out about it.

Australia Day Poster

St Kilda beach was also visited by activists who had put up several dozen posters ready for Australia day. When they arrived they noticed that the area was littered with the anti-Australian posters for the rally in the city. Before long they were either taken down or covered in stickers and for Australia day not a single one of those posters was left intact, meanwhile all of the AR ones were almost entirely untouched.



Happy new year from Queensland. Our month has filled with lots of postering, as well as helping the newly formed Antipodean Resistance Woman’s Alliance (ARWA) get on its feet.

At least twice a week this month, activists have been going out putting up posters, to the point where AR propaganda is becoming quite a noticeable feature on the Gold Coast. Propaganda has also been put up in Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane, where they were noticed and picked up in the local news. Quest media later contacted us and we gave a few answers, some of which can be read in this article.

Later on we also posted up Musgrave Park and the botanic gardens on the eve of the 26th, where “invasion day” protests were to be held. The posters are even visible on the day of the event.

Australia Day Poster

On top of postering, we’ve been working on establishing a sister org for women looking to become involved in the National Socialist community. Our female members have been doing a lot of work in this regard, and are keen to see ARWA grow in the future. To finish the month, we had a small get together to celebrate Australia day. We couldn’t ask for a better day than to come together to enjoy this unoccupied land we stumbled upon.

South Australia

Stickers in SA

January has been a very busy month for us in South Australia, the new year brought us a very good number of new recruits. Our first action of the month was a stickering in Cowirra, a suburb near Mannum on the 5th. Two days later, stickers were scattered around Tea Tree Gully and Rundle Mall. On the 10th more of our stickers were put up all around Rundle Mall, Moana Beach and Seaford. This stickering proved to be very successful, throwing our chapters work into the public view.

Burning propaganda

Towards the end of the month, activists scattered more stickers all over the Adelaide City Centre and River Torrens. We rounded up the month a bit more calmly with the burning of captured leftist propaganda. This months activities weren’t as big as what our comrades in the east have been getting up to, but it still got us into the spotlight. We are growing and next month will be even better, we promise you that!