February 2018 Action Report

Feb 28, 2018

February has been a good month for AR. To start off with the month we did our first ever voice interview with Juhani from the Finnish NRM at studio 204 where we go over a little bit of what we’re about, our past actions, and about the Australian situation for our international followers. We also got together on the 25th for the largest coordinated postering so far, hitting over 13 locations country wide in the one weekend.

This map roughly demonstrates all of the locations hit for the coordinated strike.

Map of hit locations


Banner drop image

Continuing the trend with our new form of activism the Victorian lads got together for another banner drop this month. This time it was over the Greensborough bypass. Banner drops are a fantastic form of activism as it allows for hundreds of people driving by to see your message as well as gauge reactions to it. It’s also a lot of fun to participate in. Everyone driving past saw our large swastika banner and we even have many of them give us the salute in a show of support to our message.

As part of the country wide postering we had each local region organise a postering in nearby universities, spreading our message to 5 campuses state wide - Victoria University in Footscray, Federation University in Ballarat, Federation University in Berwick, La Trobe University in Mildura, and La Trobe University in Bendigo. All in all over 150 posters were distributed in the coordinated action.



The work from last month has continued for Queensland. Our fitness training and posterings have become quite regular routines now, and we’re building up both in terms of quality and quantity. As much as building a larger group is important, we have been focusing heavily on reading and exercise. With the rest of the country, we participated in the nationwide hit. Postering runs were done in Brisbane, Coolangatta, Kirra Beach, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba.

New South Wales

February 18th, the start of the epitome of degeneracy in Australia, the faggot STD trading holiday of Mardi Gras. A festival of filth was thrown that Sunday, Fair Day. Arguably the largest congregation of faggots and sympathisers country wide. Victoria Park is where this took place, right next to a familiar location, University of Sydney.

Victoria Park held over 250 sodomite stalls including ones with sickening titles such as: Dykes on Bikes, Wett Ones Swimming Club, Rainbow Families and Glitoris. Oh and not to mention they have a furfag in his gaypride fursuit as the first thing you see on their website

furry filth

Faggots love dogs for two reasons. One because they are incapable of having children and find comfort in giving their pointless affection to an animal and two, because because some of them at the end of the day want to come home to something that will unfortunately, in its ignorance, show affection to those wholly undeserving of it. Affection they cannot truly recieve from humans as we all subconsiously recognise the faggots for the filth they are.

It’d be a shame to lose the opportunity like this, so NSW planned something special for the event: A grand spanking new poster! Hatefully crafted with the worst of intentions, feel free to message us if we left out any faggot identities (we try to be very inclusive).

new fag poster design

So with the new design in tow, activists headed to Victoria park and the surrounding areas. Many posters were left glued around the park, with some even on the dog statue itself. They tried ever so hard to not mention the posters, but looking hard enough on social media sites show murmurs of discomfort about the posters.

butthurt fags

As our boys left, we made sure to put up plenty of posters around Redfern, Newtown and Central, where we stumbled upon several very large posters plastered to the wall advertising a gay dating app, two faggots fondling each other with the absolutely wholesome  name of “Squirt”. It really just solidifies the claim that faggots don’t love, all they seek to do is pleasure themselves in a relationship. Are we really to leave children in the hands of these degenerates? We covered it up with several posters to attempt to gain some decency on the streets before moving on.

faggot filth

Along with the rest of the country, NSW contributed hundreds of posters state wide to our massively successful Posterkrieg. We dropped off posters in Bathurst, including the BHC and Denison College. Western Sydney Uni was also visited along with Castle Hill High School, for all of the students to see our posters first hand. Our reach even extended as far down as Bega and in Bega Highschool.

South Australia

As promised this month has been our most active yet here in South Australia. To start off the month, activists stickered the Adelaide CBD in broad daylight, for the next week minor stickering small over Adelaide made up most of our actions. On the 10th, activists hit up Woodville and Kilkenny with stickers and posters, the next day activists plastered Magill with posters and stickers, and to finish off the weekend members put up posters at Seaford High School.

Over the next couple of weeks new activists were brought into action, with Rundle Mall and various parts of the Western Suburbs being stickered. By this time many of the posters and stickers put up previously were still intact and displaying our message.

 SA uni pic

On the 24th and 25th Antipodean Resistance carried out posterings nationwide in a coordinated poster run. Activists entered the University of Adelaide and plastered our material all over the Marxist indoctrination centre and the surrounding area.

hike pic

To finish off our month, we focused on physical fitness and some of our activists took a hike in Belair National Park. Getting back to nature is important and healthy, the air is fresher and it gives you time to spend with your comrades.

hike pic

In all, it’s been a very successful month, not just for our cell but for the organisation as a whole. We are here to stay, and you can expect to see more of us each month.


arwa pic

Antipodean Resistance Women’s Alliance officially kicked off this month and we have been busy training and helping out our brothers with their activities. ARWA was proud to produce a banner which our AR brothers will be using for some upcoming activism, and we have also been designing posters and stickers. We also held our first training session, where we learnt self-defense skills, improved on our strength and fitness and further developed camaraderie with our brothers.

The Women’s Alliance was established to fully embrace the unique role women play in a healthy society and to provide our fellow women within Antipodean Resistance support on this path. We educate women in useful skills that will aid them in supporting and raising a healthy family, whilst providing opportunities for women to utilize the unique qualities they possess to achieve Antipodean Resistance’s goals. We’re off to a great start and looking forward to another eventful month!

If you too reject the trajectory society has set upon women and want to work with like-minded youth to create a better future, simply submit your details as outlined on our Join page.