March 2018 Action Report

Mar 30, 2018

Since Hatreon has been shut down we now have a new donation channel here. More info about donating to us and where the money goes can be found on our donate page.


After successfully doing a few banner drops this month we released a video showing some action from the drops. The audio included in the video comes from recent radio talks about us, and how Vic Alhadeff and his unholy alliance of Jewish lobby groups and other organisations want to change laws in order to prevent the supposed ‘incitement of violence’ on our posters. This is obviously quite ridiculous as we’ve never incited anyone to violence and have not been involved in any acts of violence.

Naturally, that won’t stop the Jews or any other corrupt politicians and similarly natured rats from trying to push their agenda, using anything they like as an excuse. It’s worth noting that most of the poster designs that were mentioned by the three radio shows that recently covered us were never used in New South Wales, and one was only used in our first ever postering hit (2016). They also fail to provide any pictures of said posters in the state. But hey, it’s not like the jews are known for being natural born liars, right? While they’re mostly pushing to change the laws in New South Wales right now, we can guarantee that they won’t stop there. In the future when speech is criminalised, remember that it was jews both here and overseas that took a leading role in pushing for that change.

Nature pic

As per usual, there were also several posterings in the Eastern suburbs, and we’ve been continuing on establishing our culture of physical fitness through training and hiking.

Nature pic


ARWA poster

March has been another active month for the lads in Queensland. As usual we continued our weekly fitness training, as a fit and healthy body is key to the National Socialist lifestyle. We also had a little surprise for the women of our society. Special posters celebrating international Women’s Day, as the traditional role of women in society is mandatory in maintaining a healthy family and bringing about the new generations.

International Women’s Day

The lads also went out for a few camping trips as per usual to embrace nature and get back into a place where their minds and bodies can be free from the poison that is modern society.

South Australia


To hit off the new month our first action was a stickering of the University of Adelaide, and South Australian Museum. We held a social event at the beginning of the month where our activists took part in some Urban Exploration and team building activities. A few dozen posters were scattered around the port Adelaide area and the suburbs of Kilkenny and Woodville. We then ended the month with activists plastering Semaphore Beach with posters and stickers, and scattering our material around the western suburbs.


ARWA poster

With International Women’s Day this month, ARWA decided to stand up for the ever-eroding recognition of a woman’s role in a healthy society. We designed a poster and enlisted the support of our AR brothers to send the message that not everyone accepts the degenerated position women hold in the modern feminist-driven society. Posters were displayed at key official International Women’s Day events as well as around the Brisbane area. As National Socialist women we will continue to stand up against the poison of feminism and the continuous assault on our sex. ARWA also enjoyed camping and hiking with our brothers in Queensland this month, enjoying the fresh air, exercise and camaraderie.