April 2018 Action Report

Apr 30, 2018

April is always a month of celebration for Antipodean Resistance, as it was the 129th birthday of the greatest man and leader of our age, the champion of our cause - Adolf Hitler. Our activists nation wide celebrated and honoured the memory of Hitler and the National Socialist movement in their own ways, through either activism or social gatherings.

A few interesting articles were also released on us, including one by our #1 fangirl Julie Nathan. It’s always worth taking note the language these jews use in their articles in an attempt to deceive the average reader, slipping blatant lies into most viewers minds unnoticed.

Antipodean Resistance has connections to groups overseas who have committed terrorist acts and/or are proscribed terrorist organisations.

This use of and/or is a way for them to very deliberately deceive people without technically being incorrect about what they say. Like how if we wrote

Julie Nathan is part of a group known for cutting non-jewish babies with razors in order to bake the blood matzos for passover and/or writing for Times of Israel.

we would technically not be incorrect.

They are of course trying to push the ridiculous ideas that we are terrorists and being a National Socialist is illegal. This is far from the truth, especially given that we have a perfectly clean record of no violence committed. Similarly, we do not have connections to groups that have actually committed terrorist acts, nor have we ever endorsed any acts of terrorism. It just goes to show that we are correct when we call out the Jews for being natural born liars. It is in their nature to defame their opponents through insinuating falsehoods. It’s not hard to see why some desperate people turn to terrorism when the global system is actively destroying our history, culture, and identity, enforcing debt slavery upon our people, destroying our environment, importing millions of non-whites and allowing them to have a free-run raping, robbing, and violently attacking us. Every act of terrorism against the West is the natural result of the jew-traitor system’s rules and actions.


Birthday Cake

ARWA celebrated the birthday of the founder of the National Socialist movement this month with AR. As women we were proud to practice and display our culinary skills by baking a cake to celebrate and honour the occasion. The cake was a shining success and many compliments were given for our creation.

ARWA also enjoyed participating in two social events with our brothers this month and are looking forward to more opportunities to further develop the bonds of camaraderie with those we share the eternal struggle with.


The focus this month was on improving the overall quality of our activists and further establishing our standards methods for self improvement, including regular group fitness training, and pushing the need for education on the National Socialist worldview onto the newer activists.

With Hitler’s birthday taking place on the 20th of April, we had to continue our tradition of remembrance. In honour of Hitler and his struggle and creation of the National Socialist movement we distributed posters and stickers in the Brighton area on the night of the 19th, allowing people to see posters and stickers the next day.

Happy Birthday Hitler

Multiple social gatherings were also held which is always important for building a communal bond between activists in the struggle. Everybody always needs some time to let loose and blow off some steam, even when there are serious tasks to be done. One of these was on the 20th itself to celebrate the life and struggle of Adolf Hitler, and to remember that even though the wrong side won the war, the flame of Fascism lives on through ourselves and our overseas comrades.

New South Wales


The NSW lads kicked off this April with their first camp, traversing into the ancient valleys of country NSW in order to become closer to nature and of course, train. The camp began with a training session on close quarter combat, situational awareness and finally non-physical evasion methods. As a bonus, we burnt captured propaganda

Burning Propaganda

This month was a very special month for all National Socialists worldwide, for this month on the 20th was the man himself’s birthday! In dedication, a new poster was crafted for Adolf Hitler, and was posted around the area of Greensquare.

Tote park poster

And purely for the digital release we have the full colour version from our in-house artist.

Full poster



Queensland continues to proudly conduct our activism, undeterred by the ugly face of the Jewish State that stands before us. We participated in multiple activities this month in Brisbane City, Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill and the Logan area.

We honoured the birthday of the first leader of the National Socialist movement by postering around Brisbane City, Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill. We paid the Brisbane Freemasons a visit, letting the Jews who frequent this building know that there are those of us who reject their poison and stand against it. We also hit the Brisbane Greens political office and meeting room, which was an exclusive venue for extreme comfort - full of lavish furniture, décor and catering facilities. This just highlights the hypocrisy of this group who pretend to stand up for the ‘working class’ and berate those with wealth - bourgeoisie socialism at its finest. Along with these targets we hit the areas of the Roma Street parklands and Brisbane Central State School.

The Logan area including Daisy Hill were also visited, with Queensland spreading our message by stickering around these locations.

We’re looking forward to another full month of activism, self improvement and spreading the message of National Socialism across the state.

South Australia

Synagogue Posters

April has been a good month for us down here in South Australia. We started off the month by revisiting places we have hit previously, such as the University of Adelaide, Semaphore, and Port Adelaide. The western suburbs were also hit with some stickers, as is becoming routine. We have also been engaging in more open activism this month, handing out advertisement cards and daytime postering. As we become more active and continue to grow so too does to opposition against us, in recent weeks more AntiFa and Socialist Alternative propaganda has been spotted in areas that we frequent, the leftist filth was of course swiftly removed by our activists.

We have also been making sure to hit new locations, Norwood, for example, was hit multiple times this month with stickers and posters. Locations that hadn’t been previously visited include Rosewater, Norwood, Goodwood, and Seaton. About half way through the month we postered the University of Adelaide yet again, and the surrounding area including the Botanical Gardens and Adelaide CBD.

As South Australians did not take part in the 4 / 20 activism last year, we were keen to get involved this time. Activists descended into Adelaide on the night of the 19th and put posters around the city, including the Greens Offices, The Labor Party office and Beit Shalom Synagogue. Activists on that night also placed material in Modbury and the Asian infested North Western Suburbs. The material plastered on the 19th was up and visible for Hitlers Birthday on the 20th, but of course we couldn’t just save the action for the night before. Norwood was visited and hit with posters during the day, as was the city CBD and Rosewater. There is no better way to honour a man such as Hitler then direct action on the streets.

Greens posters

As Australian Nationalists there are few days more important to us than ANZAC Day, so South Australian activists were keen to get involved with services on the day. Early in the morning some of the lads attended a dawn service and the march in the city. Activists got together for a social event and left flowers at the ANZAC monument to show our respect for fallen Australians. It is important to remember those that fell in all wars as a tragedy for our race and nation. Almost every Australian has family that served and we National Socialists will struggle to protect the White Australia that they all died fighting for. Lest We Forget.

Anzac flowers