May 2018 Action Report

May 30, 2018

Another month gone by and another month of activity from us all over the country. With self improvement and training being carried out in most states as well as stickerings, posterings, banner drops, and more. The organisation continues forward in preparation for even more in the next coming months.



This months main event was our banner drop over the M3 and in Greensborough. After having our banner out for over an hour and having thousands of people viewing our message, on the way out of our final drop location we were approached by police. The actions that were undertaken were of course in no way illegal but that does not prevent police from trying to take photos of and ID activists, and lying to their faces about their legal rights and police powers.

While it’s possible for the police to summon near a dozen officers just to have a chat with political demonstrators, they are totally incapable of preventing the widespread home invasions in the Western suburbs, or the general chaos and strife in Dandenong.


During the confrontations with police, the activists were being taunted much in the same way that the left online try to taunt them. The whole “Why do you wear masks?” angle, while making snide remarks like “enjoy your employment”, showing they know full well why masks are worn. Another non-white officer was whining about how he didn’t like the message, and in the same vein as the filthy jews tend to talk about multiculturalism, the officer was mentioning how “it’s such a multicultural country now… where is it going to end?”. Every officer on site was practically the same as any other jew or butthurt lefty online.

It is always good to remember: Cops are not the friends of nationalists. They are direct agents of the state which is responsible for everything ruining this country and killing our people. Very few rare individual officers may align with us politically as an opinion, but not in action. Their job directly contradicts any possibility in acting within the interests of nationalists. This applies to all sorts of groups too, even less radical ones, and it applies both here and in Europe where many groups are facing heavy state persecution from the police.

New South Wales


This month our activists efforts were focused in the region of Bathurst. In the evening we struck, putting up our posters in and around local schools, parks, and shops. Our activity in Bathurst has been consistent over the months with remnants of old posters all over. Seems there are too many for the local antifa and other lefties to handle. More Kvetching was also spotted in Bathurst’s crime watch page.

Finally to supplement our postering we did a little bit of spray action. For those that aren’t local, BX stands for Bathurst.

South Australia


This month has been a unique one for SA, not only did we attend a public demonstration but we also held our first camp and made the ABC.

The month started out slow, activists placed our material all over Adelaide in small scale posterings, but activities gradually increased with more posterings all over the city. Locations visited include: The Parade, Brompton, Port Adelaide, Rundle Mall, The University of Adelaide, Birdwood and multiple areas across the Hills. As per usual there was more jewish butthurt over our posters, covered by our buddies at the ABC. We also continued our handing out of cards and pamphlets. Towards the middle of the month activism slowed and there was of a focus on self improvement and South Australian activists went hiking in Belair.


Our activists attended the March for South Africa to show our support for our persecuted brethren abroad. While our core of activists were marching for South Africa, some of our initiates took a 3 day camp in Kuitpo Forest. Our lads walked the Heysen Trial over the course of 3 Days and covered more than 50km. Camp activities included hiking, cooking, hand to hand training and evasion activities. This won’t be our last camp and was a great start to South Australia’s outdoor activity.

This month was quite different to previous months, but it was great nonetheless. Your local Nazi youth will be active next month as always!