June 2018 Action Report

Jun 29, 2018

Yet another successful action-filled month this June. Activism picked up all around the country while the rest of our regular activities remained undisrupted.


Toowoomba stickering

After a brief hiatus Antipodean Resistance is active in Queensland again. To start off the month’s action stickers were placed around Toowoomba giving the locals a nice beacon of white light to help ignite that revolutionary spirit. We have been aiming to not only improve the quantity of activists In the state but also to increase the general quality of our activists so that they can stand proud as a true representative of the National Socialist ideal. This has been done by promoting a strong culture in the group that we know will in the future not only provide hope for our people but will raise the very fire of their existence into new and never before seen heights.

Later on in the month the lads had a meet up and went for a nice Hate Hike where we enjoyed a nice scenic view and discussed plans for the future. This brief escape from the rotten and degenerate society that encompasses all of modern Australia provided us with time to embrace nature and embody its values. Rather than trying to oppose the eternal laws of nature we choose to follow them because we know in the end, one must follow them or he will fall. As George Lincoln Rockwell said:

Anyone so conceited and foolish as to be determined to flaunt Nature’s Laws may do so but only for a limited period of time. He cannot go on doing so indefinitely.

New South Wales

CSU postering

Recently, many racially conscious Australians in NSW have been concerned that the jewish powers that be (namely Vic Alhadeff) kvetched loud enough that their puppets in the government finally did something, and that was to increase the power of our “hate crime” laws. These laws state that to: “publicly threatening or incite violence on the grounds of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex or HIV/AIDS status.” could result in “up to three years in prison and an $11,000 fine.”

Well, the lemmings have said, just don’t encourage violence against people and it won’t affect you! Sounds reasonable enough, but all independent minded people who are clued on to the workings of our corrupt and toxic government know that these laws aren’t aimed at the public’s protection. These laws were not tuned to protect you from Ahmed and his explosive temperament. They were brought to fruition because they want to make it as hard as they can for whites to awaken and reclaim this country from the likes of these jews and politicians. Remember this white man, you may still feel comfortable, but as soon as you start to notice the things that are going wrong, you’ll be thrown in prison for even talking about it. The government is not your friend.

But there is some good news in these times, the reason they brought these laws in is because they are terrified. They are worried about what WE have done and WE will continue to do! If we ever needed a moral boost this is it. This is all we need to know that what we are doing is worth it. So get into the fight if you’re able lads, the struggle still goes on! Join your local nazis!

Even with the NSW government trying their damnedest, June was a great month for NSW. Kicking off with activity over in Bathurst, we began with the discovery of an eyesore, a large antifa mural completely covering our old one. Notice how these communists follow the age old jewish tradition of taking what someone else has created, and destroying it.

Not to worry, a quick mural that’s much more sensible was put back in place, an eye for an eye after all.


Then we revisited Charles Sturt University again, and slathered the place up with some more posters.

Safe Space posters

After leaving the university, we continued our postering and gave the town’s main strip and surrounding areas a generous amount of posters. About 70 all around. We also enjoyed removing all of the antifa posters and stickers that night.

South Australia


Another action filled month has come and gone and as per usual we’ve been busy with activists going out and postering at least twice a week.

Our month started off quickly and sharply, with posters being placed in the city and all through the northern suburbs and rural areas north of the city, the most significant being a daytime postering of Elizabeth. Plenty of AR material was scattered around Elizabeth and Gawler and was clearly visible for awhile after the actions. Posterings occurred across the Midwest of Adelaide, Semaphore and the Port Adelaide were revisited as is becoming a habit for us.

Shortly after our escapades across Adelaide we picked up action once again and threw up our material across Golden Grove, Wynn Vale, Fairview Park and Yatala Vale. The Norwood Parade and Brompton were decorated with our messages too. More significantly, the University of Adelaide was covered in our material, with more than 100 posters decorating the signs, windows and doors of the uni. Later that night Kilkenny and Mawson Lakes were also visited.

Some of our lads have been improving their Graf skills and threw up a mural reading “ADOLF”. The NSW lads now have some competition in this department.

SA Mural

We of course always find the time to reconnect with nature, and some of activists took the time to go on a bush walk and do physical fitness in Belair National Park, which has become a favourite of Adelaide AR.

We also took the time to visit down south properly for the first time in awhile and spread the message of National Socialism all through Seaford and Noarlunga. Gab posts have been made about our posterings in Kilkenny. To round off the month our boys held a social meet in the city to discuss the months events and plan actions coming forward. This has been yet another successful month for our chapter and this is shaping up to be a successful year.

Happy AIDS Month, Fags!



Our month was started with a multi-day camp out in an undisclosed location in North Central Vic, however, the main focus for activism was based around the AIDS month postering in Chapel street, one of the gayest streets of Melbourne. For those that aren’t aware, this is the street where they had a horrifying drag-queen santa.

A new poster was used for the hit, which aims to show viewers the truth about homosexuals, that they are walking biohazards. Not only do they have astronomical rates of disease compared to any other demographic, but they even have subcultures dedicated to the creation of med-resistant diseases and stronger strains of viruses(bugchasing).

AIDS Month Poster

The statistics on this poster are of course not fabricated as some news sources would like to claim. The poster is obviously focused around gay men, which make up approximately 4% of the population.

Across all age groups, men are more likely than women to agree they consider themselves homosexual. Overall, 4.1% of men and 2.8% of women agree, with those in their 20s the most likely among both genders: 7.6% and 5.5% respectively.

Of all HIV diagnoses made in Australia in 2015: 68% of transmissions occurred among men who have sex with men

83% of gonorrhoea notifications in 2014 were made in men with the highest rate seen in men in their twenties. Approximately half of notifications occur among gay and homosexually active men

During April 2006 to March 2011, 1562 infectious syphilis notifications in males were received and 765 (49%) of these men were HIV-positive and 1351 (86%) reported a male sex partner

This is of course just the beginning of their depravity. Much more can be found through even youtube, where you can see fags admit that some of the diseases they have, doctors don’t even know what they are. Note: This is not easy stuff to watch, but it will show you the surface of the depravity of fags.

Of course, upon seeing the poster, fags and lefties go into hysterics as they’re confronted by HATE-FACTS. The news articles this time were particularly hilarious. This one in particular, with our old friend Dvir Abramovich stating:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this virulent strain of homophobia that is polluting and violating our streets,”

Laughing Hitler

Clearly his mind was somewhere else, and got confused about which side actually has virulent strains.

Abramovich also states in this other article:

These kinds of deplorable attacks will certainly shake many to the core and warrant priority response from the police and government.

Oy vey goyim! These hate facts will certainly shake many to the core! Get the police and government! SHUT IT DOWN!!!

angry shlomo

The note at the end of the article saying police are investigating the ‘racist(?) and homophobic posts’ is a good reminder that the police in this country are more interested in chasing up people over hate facts than actually making it a better place. This is why there are a growing number of discontent, young, white men becoming nazis. This is why in the end, we’ll win.