July 2018 Action Report

Jul 30, 2018

This month has seen many successful hits all around the country while our numbers are growing. Preparations all around the country were made for the next few months that will help us grow and further strengthen our organisation.



July has been a very productive month for AR in Queensland, with our activists participating in and organising things at least once every week. This consisted of both social events and activism. Not only did the amount of activity drastically increase but so did the level of recruitment with several new lads joining their local Nazis.

Early on in the month stickers were distributed throughout Brisbane from South Bank to the CBD giving the local Antifa (If they even exist) something to enjoy breaking their nails trying to scratch off whilst screeching with autism upon realising that there are free white men willing to fight for their own existence. This was followed up with a similar hit on the Gold Coast.


Activism was also done in Townsville with local activists distributing posters and stickers throughout the local area, providing some resistance to the unopposed anti-white agenda that resides throughout the entire country. A final hit was done in Brisbane at the end of July to top off a great month for us.

We have big plans for the future and are confident that with hard work and determination we will overcome any obstacles in our path and secure what we have set out to achieve.

South Australia


Continuing the trend of frequent action in South Australia our Nazi Youth have been busy postering, training, hiking, and camping. As the year goes we persist in our goal to be more active every month.

The months actions began in Gawler, when our activists scattered a few dozen posters throughout the area during the day, Gawler and the rest of the North has become a very active area for us. 

The highlight of our month was a 3 day camp, in an undisclosed location. Being alone in nature with fellow National Socialists is always a great time spent enjoying natural beauty and promoting self improvement. The camp that the activists took part in also engaged them in long hikes through the wilderness, campfire cooking, and martial training. Captured flags were also brought along, the filthy banners of the USA and USSR were burned to show our opposition to both forms of Globalism: Communism and Capitalism. Burning flags is symbolic of our hatred of twisted ideologies of decay and degeneracy. It was another great camp and there is certainly more to come.

Shortly after camp, other activities resumed. Hope Valley and Modbury were postered by our activists.


As is routine at this point the University of Adelaide was hit with posters, the day after that activists went out during the day and covered the city in our material. A few days later some of the lads put up posters at Trinity College and Evanston. Our next activity was a hike through Belair National Park, which too has become routine. It was another day spent enjoying our land that we ‘occupy’ and call our own, which all White Australians can appreciate.


To round off the month posters were disturbed throughout Gawler, Happy Valley and Flagstaff Hill on the last weekend of the Month. This was more of a relaxed month, but still a productive one. We are growing, so what’re you waiting for? Join the White Gang!



Victorians spent July with their regular activities including training, recruiting new people, and various forms of activism. New sticker designs have also been used in all of our recent hits.

Stickers that were put up in Box Hill mid way through the month still remain stuck up and untouched, including inside the Box Hill central shops. It just goes to show that even the white leftists passing through the suburb want to get out of there as fast as possible, refusing to ‘smash the fash’ by removing the propaganda. I guess we can’t blame them for that. Nobody wants to be surrounded by filthy, animal-torturing, dog-eating chinks.

In preparation for the Swinburne University Hawthorn Campus open day, some activists entered the university grounds, leaving behind roughly 200 stickers to welcome all the new students into our group. What better way to experience your first look at higher education than our most beautiful symbol? When the new year starts, you can bet there will be a whole new bunch of fanatical National Socialists attending the uni. There has already been chatter far and wide by visitors who had seen the stickers.

New sticker designs

With new recruits coming in, we have been expanding our reach with stickers being put up in the suburbs of Dandenong, Noble Park, Oakleigh, Caroline Springs, and more. You can expect our reach to increase over the coming months with new activity expanding in the South East, North, West, and more.