August 2018 Action Report

Aug 30, 2018

While this report is only a partial summary of the activity that happened in several states, August saw hits happening in five states all around the country and an increase in our regular training activities and building of our infrastructure to take on new projects coming in the future.



August has been a productive month for Queensland with a handful of social meetups and activism every week. We continue to grow and encourage our members to participate in weekly activism.

Queensland AR tested new recruits with hits this month in Brisbane CBD, West end Brisbane, South bank Brisbane and the Brisbane labour party offices. These fine suburbs and establishments were delivered a comprehensive message of white resistance, with all locations being covered in propaganda.

Hits continued to be made throughout the month with Towoomba, Kawana, and the Sunshine coast being delivered a good dosage of white supremacy by doctor AR. This was gratified by various leftoids making a big fuss online about stickerings in Toowoomba and resulting in news articles being written about this particular hit.

Army sticker

Queenslanders gathered once again, to top off the end of the month, to improve their mind and bodies, with a fitness session and lunch to strengthen ties, grow strong and to develop new strategies to move closer to total Aryan victory.

We continue to emphasise our message of purity in race, ideology and spirit and encourage all white Australians to take to heart our message and begin to work on recovering our race and reclaiming our nation.

As always, we encourage all of the youth in Queensland reading this to join our cause and to help spread the message of white revolution, and to join us in our eternal struggle against our enemies.

South Australia


Antipodean Resistance South Australia has changed its focus this month from activism to further establishing our organised self improvement. Despite the change in focus, our first activity this month was a stickering in Adelaide. Every weekend we held weekly fitness sessions that include rugby, boxing and various cardio activities.

Midway through the month we went out and threw up our material all across Adelaide. Minor stickerings and a few small poster runs made up the bulk of our actions. The highlight of the month was a hike in Belair National Park, which has become one of our favourite local slices of nature. Taking time to be out in nature and focus on fitness is just as important as spreading the message of National Socialism.

Our last action of the month was a small poster and sticker drop at the University of Adelaide over two days. These actions caught the attention of the local leftists and a Facebook post about it was published by Left Action at Adelaide Uni. As our presence becomes more noticeable and our materials are put into view more often the leftists will whine about us and our politics without really doing anything to stop it, aside from poorly scratching off a few stickers while virtue signalling.



To start off the month we continued last months trend of stickering university Open Days. The Clayton campus of Monash University was hit with several hundred stickers for all the students checking it out on Open Day. The next target was a postering and stickering in and around the RMIT campus in Melbourne. These hits were very effective in regards to getting new students to talk about the group, and to send them over our way to join the fight. Chatter amongst students both at the end of last month and throughout this month at their schools and on social media indicated that we made some waves with these targets.

Outside of the universities, over 1500 of our stickers and posters were placed in over 15 suburbs around Melbourne. The most notable one of these hits was on Chapel Street a week after our friends at ‘Campaign Against Racism and Fascism’ (CARF) put out a call to spread out their stickers in response to our previous postering 2 months ago.

Despite having 2 months to prepare themselves, and to procure supplies for their big campaign the result was about as pathetic as the people who support CARF are. Only half a dozen stickers were found the day after their campaign. It is the most hilariously pathetic attempt at ‘antifascism’ that we’ve seen yet. It’s even funnier to see them modelling new activities upon our work. It seems like only fascism is able to keep things fresh and exciting.

Upon further examination, it might not be too much of a surprise that their campaign failed so badly. The Eternal Jew in CARF, instead of following a sensible model of having people contribute together for a common purpose that they all believe in, thinks that he can make a nice easy buck by selling their stickers to Marxists and other undesirables.

Oy vey buy my stickers

Not only that are they selling them for more than 3x the price that we get ours for, their stickers are also smaller and vastly inferior quality. While it’s no loss that the people purchasing them are only spending their daddies money, it never ceases to amuse us that people with connections to other socialist groups (Socialist Alternative) and political figures (Adam Bandt), can be so poorly organised. This wouldn’t be complete without showing their kike mentality through their blatant shilling for the gullible goyim to buy their stickers. “Why sacrifice for a cause when you can make a buck from it instead?”, right? Marxist socialism at its finest.


Make sure to check out their social media if you want to see how assblasted they are.

New South Wales

Killara poster

Another month into the new era of speech crime, but NSW activists have not been intimidated or even slowed. Despite the best efforts of the jews and government, NSW was still active for another month. As the youth are the most pure of our population, their minds are less often chained by the jewish media into believing whatever it spews towards them. While many are still intimidated by negative social repercussions for wrong think, more intellectual bravery can be found in schools than most offices or higher academia. In some schools you are even encouraged to ask questions.

It is for this reason that high schools are targeted by us, as well as the atomisation and feeling of disillusionment in the system commonly felt by our youth. The largest hit this month was on Killara High School in Sydney. For our youth to see the guiding light of National Socialism among the darkness and filth of our modernity, we covered the school grounds with our posters and stickers. For all the disenfranchised, rebellious young men and women, if you feel like sticking it to this awful state that is systematically destroying your future, get in contact with us so you can help to make a change and fight for your future.