September 2018 Action Report

Sep 30, 2018



Chapel street was revisited yet again, continuing from last months sticker campaigns that got CARF and other anti-fascists knickers in a knot. While our stickers were being put up occasionally the few CARF stickers that were found were easily covered with our own. It isn’t a surprise by now with how little there was but at the same time it is absolutely pathetic given how their views aren’t in the least bit controversial, especially in a place like Chapel Street.

Other hits were also carried out in various suburbs and universities. RMIT Bundoora was hit with stickers and posters, bringing our propaganda to a place that it hadn’t yet reached. Pro-gay posters and stickers were removed or replaced with our own in Caulfield, Glenhuntly, and Cheltenham. We also brought a nice new culture to the multicultural Werribee in the west of Melbourne, with the main streets and buildings, including the ‘cultural’ centre being covered in our stickers.


To top it all off, to prepare for the next month we received our shipment of 12,000 stickers for distribution all over Victoria.

New South Wales


The main action of this month in NSW was the postering at UNSW, populated heavily with Jews and thus is full of degenerate events and jew-centric gatherings. One of the main targets within the campus was the Goldstein hall, but beyond that there’s also a building dedicated to the B’nai Brith, named ‘Shalom College’. For those who are unaware, the B’nai Brith is the father organisation for the criminal Anti-Defamation League in America, as well as the SPLC, ADC, and other jewish organisations all over the world. The ADL was founded to protect jews and jewish interests after the filthy kike Leo Frank was lynched as mob justice after the murder of a 13 year old girl.

With approximately 80 posters displayed around the campus, it’s no doubt that the jews on campus are now well aware of our presence, not to mention all the other degenerate denizens.



Yet another productive month for Queensland with us all continuing our physical progress with training at least once a week, unlike the lazy slobs that make up our “opponents” should the various communist and red agitators even deserve such a kind title.

With stickering and postering across Queensland, from the botanic gardens of the Gold coast all the way to the Military garrison of Townsville, the people of Queensland were shown our message of Aryan supremacy, while as always annoying and agitating degenerates.

With this activity, we continue to show our distaste and disgust with the “society” we inhabit, we recruit new activists and prove that we are very much alive and that our constituents consist of more than just “a few activists” as the Brisbane/Ipswich antifa has claimed.

We once again made headlines after our stickering and postering of the disgusting Brisbane pride parade, Australia may have voted yes on the fag marriage plebiscite but we made sure to make it clear that AR and the outstanding members of Queensland say no to all forms of degeneracy especially faggotry.


Faggotry is a form of societal disease in which communities are formed around degeneracy and “sin”. These parades are excellent incubators for HIV/AIDS, and other various forms of filth, so our activists saw fit to sticker up every single lamp post in New Farm park, with a few brave activists sneaking into the venue to place a good dosage of anti faggotry on the main stage of the event.

Our activists also captured a homosexual flag, which you will see again at some point in the future. As usual this was followed by kvetching from various degenerate newspapers, and degenerates online. We look forward to increasing our activity next month, and as always ask all Queensland National Socialists to assemble and join your local Nazis.